Newsletter January 2016

Dear members of SITM,

Wishing you all the very best for 2016, I would like to provide you with the latest news from SITM:

I. SITM Colloquium, Durham, July 7th–12th, 2016

Our Durham colloquium is coming up rapidly. The program (it will run from Thursday morning until Tuesday noon) will be full of fascinating papers and the plan of the theatre festival Theatrum Mundi comprises a colourful selection of 1-3 performances per day. The program will be published soon, and online registration through Events Durham will be available early in January. Mark will send out an email to all speakers when it is opened.

Please expect the conference fee – which will include conference packs, a lunch each day, and all coffee/tea services – to be around £120 per person, £60 for students. Attendees will be able to book bed & breakfast accommodation in the Castle (or in one of the other colleges) for a range of prices, depending on room size and amenities. Many thanks to Mark, who is doing enormously well coordinating the SITM and the REED program.

Please remember that the SITM papers are not given in full length during the conference, but are published online beforehand and read by all attendees so that a brief summary (10min) will suffice to start the discussion. The deadline for submission of the papers is March 31st, 2016. Please send them to: We will place them on the members-only pages of our website.

II. Webpage

Our new webpage is now available at the familiar address Please test whether you get access to the members-only pages. If it does not work, please contact Jesse, he will fix it.


EMD is about to make up its delay. There is one volume at press at the moment; I will send the manuscript of a second volume to Brepols this week, and I hope to have a third volume done by end January (which will be the 2015 volume). Jelle is at the moment collecting manuscripts for the 2016 volume. Please do not stop sending us your manuscripts. And whenever anyone of you organizes a conference or a series of sessions in a conference, please consider collecting them in a special volume of EMD. Contact Jelle (and me) concerning these matters.

The other problem that EMD has, is the extreme low number of subscriptions. Do you, and does your university library already have a subscription of EMD?

May this be your inspiration for 2016. Happy new year!

Cora Dietl

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