Newsletter July 2014

Dear members of SITM,

After quite some time of silence, I have some news to tell you:

I. SITM Conference 2016

The planning process for the SITM conference in Durham, July 7–12, 2016 is in full progress. The committee met during the IMC Leeds and decided about the topics and some organizational matters. The chosen topics are:

(1) Performing Latin

(2) Archive-based research

(3) Reformation, Recusant and Humanist Drama

(4) Revivals, Reinventions, Inventions

(5) Paratheatrical Performative Tradition / Ritual and Festive Culture

There will be a call for papers and a call for performances published at the end of September 2014, with a deadline November 15th, 2014. By November 2015 the papers will have to be handed in for publication on the SITM website.

Durham will be able to provide free accommodation to performers, but the cost for travel and transport cannot be covered by the congress or by SITM. Thus, all those who propose a performance should apply for funding in their own countries. Please do contact us (Alexandra Johnston, Diana Wyatt, Mark Chambers, Cora Dietl) if you need any help and advice in finding funding possibilities.

Durham will also provide exhibition space for posters informing about ongoing drama projects of SITM members. Please use the opportunity to enlarge your network by letting us all know what you are doing.

II. Kalamazoo / IMC Leeds

There were several sessions and quite a few individual papers presented on theatre topics by members of SITM this year at Kalamazoo and Leeds. Thank you so much for representing our society! We will continue doing so next year. Therefore, please find attached two calls for papers for the IMC Leeds 2015. We’d be happy if you joined us. But do feel free to design your own sessions or to hand in individual papers for both conferences, too. You’ll find the deadlines for submitting individual papers or complete sessions on the conference homepages:

I would like to remind all speakers of the two conferences and all other SITM members and drama scholars that EMD is happy to receive your manuscripts, either in English, in German,

or in French. There is no strict deadline, once you miss one volume, you can always be accepted for the next one. Please contact Jelle Koopmans:


At the end of June the manuscript of the recent volume of EMD was sent to the publisher. Thus, the first slot of articles that were presented at the Poznan conference is now on its way to be published. EMD, however, is still two volumes behind the schedule due to a lack of manuscripts. Thus, Jelle will be very happy to receive your manuscripts: articles (in English, French or German) and book reviews (in English only).

IV. Flyers / Webpage

Just in time for the IMC Leeds 2014, I printed flyers informing about SITM. You find it attached in the English version. There will also be a French version in due course. The webpage is still being constructed by Jesse Hurlbut. Once it is finished, I’ll alter the design of the flyer to fit the web design.

V. Membership Fees

Please be reminded that the membership fees were due July 1st for those who didn’t pay for the whole series of three years between the conferences. Lenke Kovács is about to send individual reminders to the members to whom it concerns. The fees are to be paid via Paypal via our (old) webpage [update: please use the new link now:]. We use the fees for granting travel support to students and unwaged scholars who attend our international conferences.

This is all for the moment. Best wishes and many thanks to all the helping hands!

Cora Dietl

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