Newsletter November 2013

Articles on the 2016 SITM Conference, the new SITM Logo, and EMD.

Dear members of SITM,

Important decisions have been made. It’s high time to inform you:

I. SITM Conference 2016
The next SITM conference will take place in Durham, July 7–12, 2016. It will be organized by Alexandra Johnston and Pamela King. I attach the concise proposal. We send our warmest thanks to Sandy and Pamela for all the work they had in preparing the proposal – and for all the work to come for organizing the conference. Lenke and I will be happy to support them, and I would like to encourage all members to help finding funds for the student actors to go to Britain: Activate your Erasmus or other contacts! – We are looking forward to having a brilliant conference in Durham.

II. Logo
Thank you for your votes. The former Groningen logo was the winner of our logo vote. As you can see, I’ve already started using it.

Even though the majority of those who voted on the question whether we should raise the membership fees in order to include EMD in the fees were in favor, there were not enough votes in sum for such a decision. Thus, we are now discussing the option of an optional inclusion of EMD in the membership fees – or a subscription to EMD for members at a reduced price as in the past. I’ll keep you informed.

Best wishes!
Cora Dietl


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