Newsletter October 2014

Dear members of SITM,

I hope all of you had a good start into the new academic year. Here is some good news from SITM:

I. SITM Conference, Durham, July 7th–12th, 2016

You might already have seen the call for papers and the call for performances that the Durham conference team has published last week. I attach both of them to this mail. We are all looking forward to your contributions. Please note that the conference webpage has already been put up: You find a link to it on our webpage:

II. Flyers / Webpage

Jesse Hurlbut has put up our new webpage. It is not yet filled with text, this is why it is not yet open for use, but you get an idea of it in the attached flyer, which is now re-designed according to the design of the new webpage, and it is now also translated into French – by Vicky Hamblin, to whom I am very grateful!

III. News from the Branches

News from our members and regional branches will also be placed on the new webpage. For the time being, I’d like to remind you of our SITM facebook page (see link on Here for example, you will find the announcement of a colloquium in Paris, Voir autrement le théâtre du Moyen Age et de la Renaissance : présentation et mises en espace (14.11.2014), the announcement of the German/Austrian/Swiss branch’s colloquium Das Heilige im Theater des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit und seine Rezeption in der Moderne in Berne/Beromünster/Lucerne (25.–28.2.2015), and information about recent publications.

All the very best,

Cora Dietl

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