Newsletter July 2015

Dear members of SITM,

It has been a while since you received the last newsletter. Here is some news from SITM:

I. SITM Colloquium, Durham, July 7th–12th, 2016

The preparations for the SITM Durham Colloquium are going well. All speakers and performers have been informed whether their papers are accepted. We accepted 51 papers in total, thus it will be, once again, a rich and colorful colloquium. For information please check the conference webpage
All speakers should note that the deadline for handing in the papers is March 31, 2016. The papers will be published on a members-only page of our new SITM website. I attach a short guideline for the papers.
All performers should stay in contact with the organization team and tell them as soon as they manage to get some external financing for their student groups travelling to Durham.
SITM will offer some humble travel support for students giving papers at the conference, depending on the paying discipline of our members by then.

II. Membership Fees

The newest statistics of payment show that only 56 out of 256 members have paid their fees! Please be reminded of our membership fees ($15/students $10 per year, the SITM year running from July till June), payable via PayPal If you are not sure whether or not, or for how long you have paid your fees, please check with Lenke (

III. Webpage

Our new webpage is about to get launched. I have to apologize that I have delayed it quite a bit due to an all too busy teaching term. We’ll make up for it on time before the Durham conference. Access codes for the protected pages will be sent to those who paid their fees.

IV. SITM Colloquium 2019

One year before the Durham Colloquium it is about time to think about the colloquium to follow in 2019. May I please ask all members who expect to be in a firm position in 2019 to consider whether they could host SITM. From experience, I can tell you that it takes quite some effort to get the finances worked out for the theatre groups, but it is rewarding. Following the SITM Colloquium 2010 in Gießen, I am a well-known person both in the city council and among journalists in Gießen, which makes my life much easier now. Thus, it is worth it. Think about it and tell me!

V. SITM at Kalamazoo and Leeds

In May and July, 2015 SITM was well represented at Kalamazoo and Leeds. Thanks to Vicky, Sandy, Mario, Philipp, Lenke, … and many others! All of you who gave a paper at either of the conferences, please do not hesitate to hand in your manuscript for publication at EMD. Please contact Jelle (
Next year, Leeds will be immediately before the SITM Colloquium. Two weeks in Britain might be too expensive for some of you, thus I can’t really advertise Leeds 2016, since the SITM Colloquium certainly is more important. But for those who intend to attend both conferences in a row I attach a call for papers for Leeds. You might as well offer a single paper or organize your own sessions. The general theme of Leeds 2016 is “Food, Feast, and Famine”. Thus, there should be ample opportunity to do something theatrical related to the topic. The deadline for submissions of single papers is the end of August, the deadline for submissions of ready-grouped sessions is the end of September.


EMD is still four years behind schedule, and Brepols still isn’t happy with us. Thanks to Heidy and Sharon who organized wonderful conferences in spring this year in Bern/Beromünster/Luzern respectively in Los Angeles, I am able to collect papers for three special volumes, while Jelle is working on the regular volumes. Thus, within one year or two, we hope to get back on track. Please do not stop sending us your manuscripts. And whenever anyone of you organizes a conference or a series of sessions in a conference, please consider collecting them in a special volume of EMD. Contact Jelle (and me) concerning these matters.

Besides all this: Have a wonderful summer.

All the very best,

Cora Dietl

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