Newsletter March 2016

Dear members of SITM,

I am very sorry that I let you wait long for the following messages:

1. SITM Colloquium, Durham, July 7th–12th, 2016

After some problems with Durham events organisation, Mark Chambers has finally managed to fix the program for our colloquium and to make the registration program run. You can find it under the address: resp.

May I please remind you that the papers are due to be handed in for pre-publication on our internal website ( by March 31st, 2016. Please send them via e-mail to:

2. York Early Music Festival, July 8th–16th, 2016

For all those who do not immediately leave Britain after the Durham conference, the York Early Music Festival could be of interest. Its main topic this year is “Shakespearean themes of magic, mystery, and the supernatural”. I attach a program of the festival. This, however, does not mean that you are allowed to skip our sessions for the events in York! J

3. EMD / Brepols offers

We have just received the proofs of EMD 17 (2013). Those of EMD 18 (2014) and EMD 19 (2015) will be coming soon. Jelle is still collecting manuscripts for EMD 20 (2016) – please sent him your contributions –, and I hope that EMD 21 (2017) could be a volume of Durham papers appearing next year. Now that Brepols is happy with us, they have sent me a special offer of drama related books for SITM members.

4. IMC Leeds, July 3rd–6th, 2017

The general topic of next year’s International Medieval Congress at Leeds is “Otherness”, The deadline for submissions is end August for individual papers, end September for pre-organised sessions. I would like to invite you to organise drama sessions or to offer papers. You might also follow my call for papers that I attach. I’d be happy to organise one or several SITM sessions in Leeds.

Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to seeing you in Durham,
Cora Dietl

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